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Jane Hall is a marketing leader with a track record of building brands, products and teams in high-growth industries. She thrives at the intersection of technology, commerce and culture.

Don’t worry — she won’t make you read this all in third person.

Hi, I’m Jane.
Over the past decade, I’ve challenged myself to build as many things, alongside as many interesting people, across as many industries, as possible.  I’m a fervent believer that the best leaders have nonlinear experience and are highly curious. Below is an overview of my career. I’ve called out a handful of professional strengths, so that you can understand not only what I do but how I do it.


welcome to the janebrain

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“Cultural relevance” is a buzzword that is used too much while evolving too little. 

Participating in Pride each June was once a progressive (& authentic) brand statement, but has become an oversaturated (& oft-inauthentic) brand circus. See also: @BrandsSayingBae.

Jane advocates for Cultural Strategies that leverage a broad set of methodologies: editorial, campaign, participatory, product, events.

The hard part? The initiative should add value to the community in a way that only [your brand name] can.

This approach champions the consumer. It requires keeping a finger on the pulse; constantly learning & iterating — “rinse and repeat“ is the death of cultural relevance.