[a story about Jane Hall, also known as jpeg jane]

@jpegjane: a creative leader,

 empowering brands

to show up boldly.

Jane Hall is a marketing leader with a track record of building brands, products and teams in high-growth industries. She thrives at the intersection of technology, commerce and culture.

Don’t worry — she won’t make you read this all in third person.

Hi, I’m Jane.
Over the past decade, I’ve challenged myself to build as many things, alongside as many interesting people, across as many industries, as possible.  I’m a fervent believer that the best leaders have nonlinear experience and are highly curious. Below is an overview of my career. I’ve called out a handful of professional strengths, so that you can understand not only what I do but how I do it.


welcome to the janebrain

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Jane’s rapid leadership trajectory includes the corporate world + multiple start-ups. She’s built hard skills in managing large agencies, direct reports, global counterparts, tricky internal politics, interns... you name it.
Equally, if not more, important: Jane has developed soft leadership skills,  taking pride in ensuring that everyone, regardless of level, has clear strategic directives for their role in the work. Everyone should understand the output of their inputs; the sum of the parts. 

Jane is passionate about helping more young women see themselves as future creative executives. Graduating from Advertising school, Jane entered a field where 3% of Creative Directors were women. The gender ratio of the tech industry has gotten better, but exec lineups rarely reflect that. Currently, Jane is focused on mentoring young BIPOC women and pulling more seats up at the table. As always, she plans to champion diversity in her next leadership position. 



When internal politics get heavy, or deadlines are tight, or unexpected hurdles appear, Jane will be the first in the room to champion a “one team one dream” mentality. And then she’ll dive into the trenches with you and figure it out.


a dynamic leader:

high IQ, higher EQ ︎brings a point of view to the table ︎an active listener︎proven track record building cross-functional relationships ︎experience leading indirectly via influence (key for individual contributors) ︎  can lead the way or be part of the pack (not territorial) ︎draws from a diverse range of experiences︎ok with not knowing the answer (stay humble, keep learning)︎understands psychological safety ︎deeply values diversity︎empathetic