[a story about Jane Hall, also known as jpeg jane]

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Jane Hall is a marketing leader with a track record of building brands, products and teams in high-growth industries. She thrives at the intersection of technology, commerce and culture.

Don’t worry — she won’t make you read this all in third person.

Hi, I’m Jane.
Over the past decade, I’ve challenged myself to build as many things, alongside as many interesting people, across as many industries, as possible.  I’m a fervent believer that the best leaders have nonlinear experience and are highly curious. Below is an overview of my career. I’ve called out a handful of professional strengths, so that you can understand not only what I do but how I do it.


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Alongside 3 colleagues, she built Google’s largest marketing campaign ever.
At the intersection of brand & product, the campaign drove mobile adoption of Google’s core products: Search & Maps.

JANE’S AREAS OF FOCUS: product testing, user research, TV ad production, agency management, digital asset strategy, product landing page development and contextual social ads 

OPERATIONS: helped brief+lead advertising agencies, media buyers and internal Creative Lab during campaign development, balanced multi-million dollar budget, production spanning 3 quarters. 

HIGHLIGHT: led creation of #1 Out Of Home campaign of 2014:



Invited to join newly-formed Retail Marketing Team, leading:
      • Comms: Social & PR
      • Consumer Engagement: event programming and experiential store design

︎︎︎Executive decision-making:Managed key strategic decisions around branding/identity for Google’s physical retail spaces vs. online retail store (launching concurrently). Conversations included CMO, 3 Marketing VPs & 2 Product VPs.  
︎︎︎Oversaw 7 agencies & 40+ contractors:             ︎ led editorial with 3 external creative/media agencies  
            ︎ managed 25+ contractors to build physical store prototypes in Mountain View, California, iterate and launch first 3 stores in London, UK.

︎︎︎Experiential Strategy: designed interactive storefronts for Google’s first 3 shops, centered on a bespoke “gravitram” machine that allowed visitors to interact with 20+ Google products.

︎︎︎Global Collaboration: Worked closely with UK / EMEA teams on store programming. Events & Experiential both aimed to increase foot traffic & in-store dwell time.